About Us

Filmaktiv is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001. and registered in 2004.; formed by creative and dynamic individuals with the goal of developing independent culture and encouraging social changes through production, promotion of audiovisual art, and informal education.

Strongly oriented towards socially engaged film and new media activities, since 2001. Filmaktiv is carrying out various workshops in Rijeka and Croatia, mainly for young people. Through documentary film workshops, Filmaktiv has educated several dozens of people that continued their work in film and film education abroad. 

Filmaktiv is also organizing research and interdisciplinary focused workshops with the goal of examining the application of moving pictures in other artistic fields and forms (such as interactive art, mapping – public space video, performance art video, glitch art, open-source workshops…) and video activism workshops for children and youths on Adriatic islands.

Delta – obilje umjetnosti

Filmaktiv produces documentary, animated, and experimental films of their members and external associates contributing in this way to the development of independent film and audio-visual production in Rijeka. 

Filmaktiv’s production of socially engaged documentary films addresses different aspects of society with the goal of exposing subjects not represented in mainstream media and reaching a level of social change. We are highlighting recent films: “Invisible City”, genre creative documentary – documentary and fiction film hybrid; the documentary film “Delta – Profusion of Art” – winner of the ArTVision selection on 72nd Venetian Mostra; the documentary film “Plenumovi” screened on 24th Days of Croatian Film and various panel discussions and roundtables across Croatia; the documentary film “The Waiting Point” screened on 20 festivals around the globe and awarded in Arkipel Festival in Jakarta 2013. and Liburnia Film Festival in Opatija.

Filmaktiv continuously promotes quality filmmaking, presenting foreign and home production to Rijeka’s audience. It organizes and co-organizes numerous screenings and film festivals with thematic focus and genre diversity; discusses and brings to public attention the most relevant local and global contemporary problems, challenges film festivals’ classical normative patterns, and tries to decentralize availability of film content. We proudly highlight Student International Film Festival STIFF, project Film to Everyone created for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals that have a decreased possibility of consuming audiovisual content and projects Autokino and Kinotenk as specific radio – visual events.

Film svima 2019_Foto Ivan Vranjić_prva projekcija 1

Filmaktiv collaborates with related associations, institutions, and individuals, public and private sectors in Rijeka and Croatia. Since 2006. Filmaktiv is a member of associations alliance Klubtura through which it implements its activities partnering up with other related organizations. Filmaktiv is one of the founders of the associations’ alliance Molekula. With partners from Molekula and Student Cultural Centre of Rijeka University, it manages spaces of Palach and Filodrammatica in the city centre and together they carry out numerous activities and projects such as project Žiroskop – civic-public partnership in managing cultural spaces in Rijeka.


President of Filmaktiv is Marin Lukanović. Members of board of directors are Ana Jurčić and Borko Novitović.