We are forming films, films are forming us

Filmaktiv is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004. It is made up of creative and dynamic individuals gathered together with the goal of developing independent culture and encouraging social change through informal education, production, and promotion of audiovisual culture and art, as well as collaboration with other organizations and citizens while respecting human rights and freedom of expression. 

Main educational programs are workshops held in Rijeka, in the islands and specialized educational programs including a few hundred youg people from all over Croatia so far.

Filmaktiv producira dokumentarne, animirane i eksperimentalne filmove svojih članova i vanjskih suradnika, kao i video radove koji su nastali kao produkt radionica.

By organizing festivals, screenings and panels, Filmaktiv continuously promotes quality filmmaking, presenting foreign and home production to the audience. 

Filmaktiv is open for collaboration with other organizations, facilities, individuals, public and private sector. Filmaktiv is a co-founder and member of Associations Alliance Molekula operating since 2007.

Film svima 2019_Foto Ivan Vranjić_prva projekcija

Filmaktiv će podatke koje nam date putem ovog formulara koristiti za komunikaciju s vama i slanje obavijesti.
Više informacija u našim uvjetima korištenja.

Brothers, sisters, stepmothers

Filmaktiv collaborates with associations akin from Rijeka and Croatia on different projects as a partner and associate, and technical support (documenting various events). Since 2006. Filmaktiv is a member of Associations Alliance Clubture within which it implements activities in partnership with other organizations. Filmaktiv is one of the founders of Associations Alliance Molekula. With partners from Molekula and Student Culture Centre of University of Rijeka it co-manages the spaces of Palach, Filodrammatica and Marganovo Centre in Rijeka.