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Applied video

Applied video

Applied video is an educational program launched in 2013. and directed towards applying video in other artistic forms and creating new meanings. The project is envisioned as an innovative application of video in other mediums and participants are encouraged to diverge from classic video use with the goal of strengthening intermedia creativity. Interdisciplinary approaches of this kind are still in their infancy on the local art scene and projects like these have a goal to position and give value to video in the context of new media art practices.

Applied video in 2019.

Applied video project in 2019. is realized through an intensive four-day workshop of stop animation and doll making in June, and VJ and mapping workshop in October.

Doll making and stop animation workshop was held by animator Antonija Veljačić and VJ and mapping workshop by multidisciplinary artist Damjan Šporčić. The final result of the latter is an exhibition of Gif animations in SKC Gallery which will be opened as part of the STIFF film festival.

Applied video in 2018.

Project Applied video 2018. is realized through two intensive four-day workshops by the names “Introduction to 3D animation” and “Introduction and basics of sound design”. The first workshop was held by young animator Anton Gojan and was realized in April, and the second by an experienced sound designer Davor Rocco in December.

Applied video in 2017.

Project Applied video 2017. is realized through three intensive workshops: GNU/LINUX workshop (June), Glitch workshop (July), and Interaction workshop (December). Introductory workshop GNU/LINUX is designed for participants without previous experience with Linux operating system and its distributions and was held by Erik Paladin and Gregor Bogdanović. Glitch workshop was held by Dina Karadžić and Vedran Gligo from the artistic organization Format C and Hacklab. The participants gained a practical insight into contemporary new-media experimental techniques of deliberate eduction of sustainable errors in video and graphic files. Multimedia artist Gianfranco Mirizzi held an Interaction workshop and the goal was to acquaint the participants with the basics of programming, the basics of Arduino and Kinect platforms, and their possibilities of application in new-media art projects.