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On the journey to become the person we want to be, we share our happy and sad moments with friends. Some friendships we manage to keep while losing others along the way, but every one of them plays an important role for who we are today. Using archival footage filmed by the characters over the course of 10 years, the film offers a unique view into the lives of its protagonists.

2014., UK, Croatia, 24′, documentary

Director: Sanja Marjanović

Writer: Sanja Marjanović

Editor: Sanja Marjanović

Assistant editor: Joana Gil-Rico

Cameramen: Sanja Marjanović, Marin Lukanović

Sound engineer: Ana Jurčić

Sound processing: Matthew Kravitz

Composer: Richy Carey

Archive footage: Morana Komljenović, Marin Lukanović, and the protagonists

Protagonists: Andrea Ćučić, Dora Karmelić, Suzana Sadiku, Vedrana Pavković

Producer: Marin Lukanović

Executive producer: Emma Davie

Production assistant: Paula Mangano

Production: Screen Academy Scotland and Edinburgh College of Art in coproduction with Filmaktiv

Festivals and awards:

Liburnia Film Festival, 2014.

Vox Feminae Festival, 2014.

Nominated for the British Academy Scotland New Talent award in the best editing category