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Delta – An Affluence of Art

Documentary film about a group of artists sharing common workspace in Rijeka, Croatia.

They are an internationally acclaimed group of artists that exhibited their work across Europe, the USA, and China.

Precarious but exciting questions about the life and work of an artist, the dynamics of sharing a workspace with colleagues, contact with the audiences and the uncertain future of the building and the whole area in which they are located (which should according to plans, become the new city center), are the key subjects this film involves in. Artists continuously question each other and themselves about the nature of their relationship: are they a collective or just a group of people, which common values they share, what connects them: a simple need for working space or a set of common goals and life views.

Collaboration such as this of Delta 5 artists, where some of the spaces are common and some are individual studios, is one of the possible models for preserving the ideas of solidarity, altruism, and common sense and at the same time for bypassing the capitalist principles by which everything has its price and every field of human activity needs to be monetized, measured, calculated, commercialized and profitable.

This movie has been produced with the financial assistance of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The contents of this movie are the sole responsibility of arTvision partnership and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Authorities.

Director: Marin Lukanović

Cameraman: Kristijan Vučković

Sound engineer: Ana Jurčić

Editor: Marta Batinić

Composer: Josip Maršić

Sound designer: Zoran Medved

Pilot/Colourist: Igor Crnković

Produced by Filmaktiv

Featured artists: Nemanja Cvijanović, Igor Eškinja, Milijana Babić, Fokus grupa (Elvis Krstulović & Iva Kovač), Marino Krstačić Furić, Ana Tomić, Sanja Stojković and Tomislav Brajnović.

Festivals and awards:

European Film Festival 2015. – ArTVision

Venetian Film Festival, Italy, 2015., Giornate degli autori program – ArTVision award

Liburnia Film Festival, Croatia, 2015.

Croatian Film Days, Croatia, 2016.

Tuzla Film Festival, BIH, 2016.