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Drive-in Cinema

Drive-in Cinema

Drive-in Cinema is a program brought about by Filmaktiv in cooperation with Art-kino Croatia and car park Beretich and it is performed on the Teatro Fenice building facade: a neglected monumental building that has a status of protected cultural property and in past has served as a movie theatre.

Drive-in Cinema draws attention to the unclear fate of the building due to its status and the unwillingness of the owner to put it to use for cultural activities or to invest in its much-needed restoration.

At the same time with rethinking the role of an iconic building, the use of radio technologies for propagating the sound in correlation with the image projected to the building opens up questions of open and closed spaces, the city as a scene, and the use of facades and open spaces for uses other than normally intended.

Drive-in Cinema action crosslinks the audiences by emitting sound with radio technology bringing the content into their own private space. Sound transmission is realized by connecting the car radio receiver with a radio signal emitted by the main transmitter. Individuals without a car can participate by connecting earphones to their mobile devices also serving as a radio transmitter.

Creative use of these technologies gives a possibility for networking and cooperation of various cultural and technological instances, for example, audio-visual artists and IT experts that can improve the quality of the content performance, as well as cultural and social activists that can use the potential of this type of action to further the social engagement of the community.