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Like This For A While

Like This For A While

The bedroom is a catalogue of growing up. It’s a collection of childhood adventures and hidden corners. Frozen in one of its forms, it reminds itself that one day it will be abandoned. It is the one item that cannot fit the suitcase.

2020, Croatia, documentary, 4 min. 

director: Sara Huskić

mentors: Maša Drndić, Sanja Kapidžić

production: New School of Documentary Film, Filmaktiv

Sara Huskić was born in Cazin in 1998. where she grew up. Currently, she is living in Rijeka and studying dental medicine. Her field of interest is documentary filmmaking, music, and writing. Her short stories and poems have been published in various short story collections, fanzines, websites, magazines, and anthologies. She attended Filmaktivs New School of Documentary Film and her film One Great Journey has been screened at Documentary Rock Film Festival (DORF) Liburnia Film Festival and Impulse Festival. Her film Like This For A While was screened at Liburnia Film Festival.