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Martin Torpedo

Martin Torpedo

Martin is an old man, who has found his place under the sun in the port of the former Torpedo factory. There, in the abandoned concrete space, he has settled down with his few possessions: a painting that he found in a trash can, a fishing rod that he uses to catch squid from his, so to speak, living room, and a bicycle adorned with plastic bottles. He never redeems the bottles, because he is not a bum. All of these are necessary props in the fight against boredom.

2021, Croatia, documentary, 13 min

director: Toni Jelenić

mentors: Maša Drndić, Sanja Kapidžić

production: New School of Documentary Film, Filmaktiv

festivals: Split Videoart Festival 2021., Liburnia Film Festival 2021. – Best Regional Film, Betina Film Festival 2021., Dani hrvatskog filma 2021., Međunarodni studentski filmski festival – STIFF 2021.

Toni Jelenić was born in Rijeka in 1989. where he finished Law Studies. He used to ride a snowboard and make snowboarding films. Currently, he is working and making documentary films.