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Mov(i)e Activism

Mov(i)e Activism

Mov(i)e Activism is a traveling festival of activist documentary films that has the goal of encouraging and strengthening video activism, intercultural collaboration, and active citizen participation. The festival uses documentary film as a platform for research of some of the most current social, political, economical, and ecological subjects so as to initiate meaningful dialogue and potential changes. The project is organized by an international group of young people that recognizes a need for public discussions on activism. Mov(i)e Activism has festival editions in Kragujevac (Serbia), Coimbra (Portugal), Valencia (Spain), Riga (Latvia), Berlin (Germany), Rijeka (Croatia), Banja Luka (BIH), and Bologna (Italy), and Rijeka edition is followed through by Filmaktiv.


Mov(i)e Activism in 2019.

The third edition of Mov(i)e Activism was held on the 13th and 14th of December in Filodrammatica and it consisted of “Volar” and “Call Me Intern” film screenings and supporting program.

The film “Volar” directed by Bertha Gaztelumendi (Spain) tells a tale about nine women, victims of gender violence. The film sums up their testimonies and talks about the past that frame protagonists’ experiences and overcoming of their turmoil. After the screening, a roundtable was held on the subject of gender violence representation in film. Roundtable guests were Iva Davorija from Association PaRiter and Lorena Zec from S.O.S. Rijeka with moderator Bela Bračko-Milešević.

The film “Call Me Intern” directed by Nathalie Berger (New Zealand) problematizes the struggle against unpaid internships, inequalities, and activism of individuals with the goal of talking about the growing movement for intern rights all over the world. After the screening, a discussion was held with the film protagonist Leo David Hyde.


Mov(i)e Activism in 2018.

Friday, 18th of May, 2018. the new edition of the documentary film festival Mov(i)e Activism was held in Filodrammatica with the screening of films “Left on Pearl” directed by Susan Rivo, and “The factory is ours” made by Vedrana Pribačić. After the screenings, a talk was held with the director Vedrana Pribaćič and one of the film protagonists Dragutin Varga.

“Left on Pearl” is a documentary film about a ten-day occupation of a Harvard-owned building by the women’s liberation movement in 1971.

“The factory is ours” (Tvornica je naša) is a story about worker’s struggle for the preservation of the factory of machine tools in the town of Ivanac near Varaždin. The factory works with success to this day and is the only example of workers’ shareholding in Croatia.