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One Friday Afternoon

One Friday Afternoon

The reality we are living may not be the one we’d choose ourselves. How can we accept it, then? One Friday Afternoon shows just one such reality, one spite, and two or three pains. In a whirlwind of sounds and thoughts, the main question is: how can I fight something that is a part of me?

2021, Croatia, documentary, 10 min

director: Lucija Brkić

mentors: Maša Drndić, Sanja Kapidžić

production: New School of Documentary Film, Filmaktiv

festivals: Tabor Film Festival 2021., Liburnia Film Festival 2021., Dani hrvatskog filma 2021., Međunarodni studentski filmski festival – STIFF 2021., Revija hrvatskog filmskog stvaralaštva 2021.

Lucija Brkić is a 20-year-old girl from Pula. During primary and secondary school she was
acting for the drama studio of the Istrian National Theater. Later she enrolled in cultural studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka. As part of Filmaktiv’s documentary film school,
she directed two short films: Vita and One Friday Afternoon. In her free time, she writes
scripts, poetry, and short stories.